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Incorrect Port Number in 09.30 Release

Fixed in 7.7r3.2004.09.30b


  • BNBT EasyTracker 7.7r3.2004.09.30
  • The Trinity Edition of BNBT 7.7r3.2004.09.30


Upon trying to visit your tracker using port 6969, you receive a page cannot be displayed or cannot find server or dns error.


This occurs because the default configuration file (included with the 7.7r3.2004.09.30 release files) incorrectly specifies the standard port number to be used for the tracker as port 10001. This is due to the fact that while during my testing phase, I do not use the standard port, and I forgot to change it before making the 09.30 release.


Open your bnbt.cfg using the frontend configuration editor (if you are a Windows user) or a plain text editor. Find the following line in your configuration:

port = 10001

Replace 10001 with 6969.

port = 6969

Save your configuration and restart your tracker.

[ Table of Contents ]