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Errors with The Configuration Frontend - Forms 2.0 Library (FM20.DLL)

The Configuration Frontend application that is installed with BNBT EasyTracker (which is also available as a separate stand-alone executable) requires the Microsoft&trade Forms 2.0 DLL (Dynamic Linking Library). The library, unfortunately, is not redistributable and therefore can not be included with the BNBT EasyTracker installer.

For most users, fm20.dll is typically installed by Microsoft™ Office. If, however, you receive the error message pictured above, you will need to manually install this library. An ActiveX Security Fix which contains the most recent version of this library is available directly from Microsoft. The download button appears below.

— from Microsoft

If you receive any other errors, please post a topic to either the Technical Support for BNBT-EZT/TrinEdit forum at The Trinity Forums or to the BitTorrent Tracker Software forum at Filesoup.

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