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Configure Your BitTorrent Client to Report Your Actual IP Address

PLEASE NOTE: The BitTorrent client configuration instructions that follow may not be necessary. Before making these changes, please be sure that your Internet IP Address is not already being correctly reported to your own tracker. If you are not seeding files on the same computer or network that contains your tracker, you definitely do not need to make these changes in your clients configuration.

Before seeding torrents on your own tracker, please make sure that you have completed Tests 1 and 2 found in section 4 of the How to Seed Your Torrent For Others topic.

If you failed Test #2, then you are in the right place. Below, you will find the instructions for further configuration of your BitTorrent client.

ABC Configuration ( Version 2.6.9 )

  1. With ABC open and no torrents running, click Action/Preferences in the program's menu bar.
  2. In the ABC Preference window, press the button.
  3. In the ABC Advanced Preferences window, enter your Internet IP Address in the Local IP field (shown in pale yellow below).
  4. The Internet IP Address currently being reported to this web server is

  5. Press the button in the ABC Advanced Preferences window.
  6. Press the button in the ABC Preference window.
  7. Close and restart ABC completely to be sure that the new settings will be applied to any torrents that were cached by ABC.
  8. SPECIAL NOTE: If your Internet IP Address ever changes, you will need to reconfigure your BitTorrent client to report the new IP Address.

— Additional Client Configurations to Come!

[ Table of Contents ]