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User Authentication Realm

WARNING !!! — Altering this configuration value can have catastrophic effects, resulting in a loss of your entire user database. Do not modify this value after your tracker has gone live.

The User Authentication Realm is a text string used to associate HTTP-ACCESS rights stored within a user's web browser. The default value for your tracker's realm is BNBT. There isn't usually any conceivable reason that this name should be changed from the default value.

The realm name is typically displayed somewhere in the login prompt that pops up when a user attempts to login to the tracker.

As seen using Windows XP and Internet Explorer:

As seen using Mozilla Firebird:

PLEASE NOTE: BNBT EasyTracker comes with a default user database included. The database only contains one user account, which is the default administrative account: admin... if you change the default realm settings for your tracker before it goes live, you will need to complete the following steps:

    The following process recreates a user database:

  1. Shutdown your tracker
  2. Delete the users.bnbt file found in the db folder
  3. Restart the tracker
  4. Point your browser to trackerURL/users.html
  5. Create an account for yourself that possesses FULL ACCESS permissions
  6. Login to the tracker using your new account

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