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Announce URL

  1. Tracker Announce URL

    The Announce URL is used by BitTorrent clients to make a connection with your tracker. Torrents created for your tracker must use your tracker's Announce URL, or they will not function properly.

    If a torrent with an incorrect Announce URL is uploaded to your tracker, the members of the swarm will never be able to make connections with the tracker or each other, and the number of seeds/peers listed in your torrent table will always be 0.

    Your tracker's Announce URL is the URL of your tracker (including the port number) followed by /announce.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Announce URL does not have a trailing slash ( / ). If used, the URL is considered incorrect and the torrent will not function properly.

  2. Force Announce URL (on Upload)

    By default, BNBT EasyTracker does not force an Announce URL on uploaded torrents. This feature causes the Announce URL in a torrent to be modified when the torrent is uploaded to the tracker using the Torrent File Uploader.

    It is not a good idea to use this feature in my opinion, because if someone uploads an invalid torrent, there is no way for you, as an administrator, to determine why the torrent is not active. i.e. Incorrect Announce URL, Different Tracker Announce URL. It will simply appear that no one is using the torrent.

    Of course, if the original torrent uploader starts her seeding by clicking the download link for the torrent, it will actually work properly. However, if she launches the torrent she created from her hard drive, and the torrent has the incorrect Announce URL, none of the downloaders that use the posted torrent will be able to download from the original seeder.

    This configuration key's value is specified as follows:

    bnbt_force_announce_url =

    If you do not force the Announce URL, you can easily open the torrent file in TorrentSpy, to see if the correct Announce URL was used for any given torrent. A torrent's Announce URL can also be edited using MakeTorrent. Once saved, the modification date will be changed and will be placed at the top of the torrent table if sorting by descending date.

  3. Force Announce URL on Download

    In addition to allowing the tracker to modify the Announce URL for uploaded torrents, you also have the option of modifying the Announce URL when a user downloads a torrent using the download link on your torrent table.

    This feature will not modify the Announce URL of the torrent stored in your tracker, but will only modify it on-the-fly per user, when the torrent is downloaded.

    This method of Announce URL modification is typically only useful if your tracker's URL changes. This can, however, cause problems. If the original seeder (or anyone seeding with the complete file/fileset) does not use the download link on the torrent table after the URL change, new downloaders will not be able to make a connection with the members of the swarm.

    This feature ONLY works properly in conjunction with Force Announce URL.

    bnbt_force_announce_url =
    bnbt_force_announce_url_on_download = 1

  4. Announce URL Displayed on the BNBT File Uploader

    When a user with upload permission visits your tracker's Torrent File Uploader, the Announce URL will be displayed for her convenience.

    — If you are using the default configuration and NOT FORCING an Announce URL, the displayed value will be contructed using the URL currently displayed in the user's web browser with /announce tacked on to the end.

    Announce URL:

    This confuses many tracker administrators, when they visit their own tracker using either localhost or their internal network IP Address, because those values will be used in the display, such as:

    Announce URL: http://localhost:6969/announce

    ... or

    Announce URL:

    Please be assured that outside visitors will never see these incorrect Announce URLs. This display can also be hidden by setting the display to none in your tracker's stylesheet:

    .announce_url { display:none }

    — If your tracker is configured to force an Announce URL, the forced Announce URL will be displayed on the Torrent File Uploader as such:

    Auto Announce URL:

    This value is taken directly from your tracker's configuration file and can also be hidden using the same css specification shown above. Please notice the addition of Auto, which specifies that the Announce URL is being forced.

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