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Default Configuration Files

BNBT EasyTracker comes pre-configured for you. All you pretty much have to do is configure your system to allow inbound traffic properly and you're ready to go.

The following files have been copied, had .default added to their filenames, and can be found in the same folder as the originals. These files can be used to restore your tracker configuration to what it was when you installed BNBT EasyTracker, by deleting the current file and removing the .default extension.

  • /bnbt.cfg
  • /db/users.bnbt
  • /files/css/bluesteel-3.css
  • /files/html/header.html
  • /files/html/footer.html

The following columns are displayed by default in your torrent table:

  • Category/Type Tag
  • Torrent Name
  • Download Link
  • User Comments
  • Date Added
  • Size of File(s)
  • Seeds/Uploaders
  • Peers/Downloaders
  • Completed/Done
  • Uploader Name
  • InfoLink

The following torrent categories are enabled by default:

  • Animation
  • Applications
  • Games
  • Images
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Miscellaneous
  • Television

[ Table of Contents ]