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Web/File Server

BNBT comes with a built-in web server (file downloader) that will allow you to serve other online files for your tracker users.

The online location of this folder is http://trackerURL:port/files/.

The configuration key bnbt_file_dir is used to specify the location of a folder on your computer that will serve as the container for this URL.

If you used the BNBT EasyTracker installer, a folder named "files" was created within the BNBT EasyTracker program folder, and your configuration should automatically be set to read from this folder.

bnbt_file_dir = files

It is only coincidental that the "files" folder on your hard drive can be accessed online at http://trackerURL:port/files/... You could, of course call the folder on your hard drive "fileserver", change the configuration key, and the files within would still be accessible from the same URL.

The built-in file server can be quite useful. Here are the most common uses:

  1. Making other HTML documents/pages available for viewing

    For instance, you could create a document called rules.html, save it to "C:\Program Files\BNBT EasyTracker\files", and place a link to it in your header.html document:

    <a href="/files/rules.html">Tracker Rules</a>

    Notice that the HREF value is relative to the already pre-existing URL in your user's web browser, which should be http://trackerURL:port/ or http://trackerURL:port/index.html

  2. Placing images on your tracker's index or on other pages that you have created.

    For instance, you could save an image file called baseball.gif to "C:\Program Files\BNBT EasyTracker\files", and place an image tag in your header.html document to display the image:

    <img src="/files/baseball.gif">

    If the image was saved to a folder called "images" within the "files" folder, it would be referenced as such:

    <img src="/files/images/baseball.gif">

PLEASE NOTE: It is almost always necessary to start the HREF value with a leading slash ( / ).

The HREF value used in the image file examples above is also used to specify the category tag images used by your tracker, and must also begin with a leading slash.

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