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Getting Started

  1. Router/Firewall Configuration Note

    Before your tracker will work properly, it is important to configure your router, network and personal computer for inbound traffic on port 6969. For more information, please see the appendix and/or refer to your router's documentation.

  2. Installing BNBT EasyTracker

    To install BNBT EasyTracker, download and launch the setup executable.

    PLEASE NOTE: BNBT EasyTracker comes loaded with a default configuration, pre-installed database files and example torrents. This prevents the initial error messages that existed with previous versions. You should delete the example torrents (using the tracker interface) after uploading your first torrent.

  3. Non-Windows Users Note

    Users of Linux, Unix and other Operating System can download the OSI source package which contains the files installed by BNBT EasyTracker in addition to the uncompiled source code files.

    Additional instructions for compiling and running BNBT under Linux will be added soon.

  4. Starting the Tracker

    To start your tracker, double-click the BNBT EasyTracker icon that was installed to your Windows Desktop. This shortcut also exists in your Start Menu.

    The tracker console window will open:

    PLEASE NOTE: The console window must remain running for your tracker to operate properly. It can be minimized of course, but if you close it, your tracker will stop working.

  5. Logging Into Your Tracker

    To log into your tracker, open and point your web browser to one of the following locations:

    • http://localhost:6969/

    You should then see the following:

    Press the Login button in the upper-lefthand corner. Enter admin and password for the User Name and Password fields, respectively. This is the default administrative account.

  6. Changing The Default Admin Password

    It is highly suggested that you change the default administrative password. If you don't, anyone with a bit of knowledge will be able to takeover your tracker.

    After logging in, you will be taken to the Login/MyTorrents page.

    Press the button found in the Navigation Bar.

    Scroll past the Create New User form to the Registered Users section. You should see just one user listed; the default admin account.

    Press the button found in the Admin column of the Registered Users table.

    Type your new admin password in the Password and Password Again fields.

    Replace the email address with your actual email address and press the button.

    You should then return to the tracker and login again with your new password.

    PLEASE NOTE: For added security you can create a new administrative account and delete the default admin login/username. You must, however, create the new account BEFORE deleting the other. If no administrative account exists, you will have to reset your user database to regain control of your tracker's administrative functions.

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