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System and Operator Requirements

  1. General
    • An Always-On Broadband Internet Connection
    • A Static (or Virtually Static) IP Address
    • Inbound Access on TCP Port 6969
    • A Working Knowledge of BitTorrent and Filesharing
    • A Registered Domain Name (suggested)
  2. BNBT EasyTracker (Installer)
    • A Computer Running Windows
  3. BNBT Configuration Frontend
    • A Computer Running Windows
    • TABCTL32.OCX and other Redistributable Dynamic Linking Libraries — these are installed by the BNBT EasyTracker installer.
    • FM20.DLL (Microsoft Forms 2.0 Control) — This file is typically installed by Microsoft Office but is not redistributable. If you do not have Office, this DLL can be installed using the Forms 2.0 ActiveX Security Fix.

    The following components are installed by the EasyTracker installer and are required by the frontend:

    • Microsoft™ Tabbed Dialog Control 6.0
    • Microsoft™ Visual Basic Virtual Machine 6.0
    • Microsoft™ Component Category Manager Library
  4. The Trinity Edition of BNBT

    — For Users of Unix, Linux, OS X, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, etc...

[ Table of Contents ]