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How to Seed Your Torrent For Others

  1. Why is seeding required?

    A torrent file is nothing more than a plain text document that contains information used by a BitTorrent client to initiate a connection with a swarm of users (seeds and peers). If you only upload a torrent file to your tracker and never seed the torrent, people will never be able to actually download the torrented files from you. By seeding a torrent, you announce to the tracker that you have the complete file or fileset and are available to provide these files for download to other users (peers).

  2. Seeding Your Torrent

    To begin seeding your torrent, you will need to open it in your default BitTorrent client. Torrent files can be opened in basically two different ways.

    1. Open a Torrent File Locally
    2. — Using this method, you would use a file explorer such as My Computer or Windows Explorer to locate (on your harddrive) the torrent that you created and double-click it. It should then open in your default BitTorrent client and ask your for a Save Location.

    3. Open a Torrent File Remotely
    4. — Using this method, you would click a hypertext link to the online location of the torrent file. If your web browser is configured properly, it should ask you if you want to Save or Open the torrent file when you click the link. By choosing Open, it should download the torrent file to a temporary folder, open it in your default BitTorrent client and prompt you for a Save Location.

      If your tracker allows torrent downloads (bnbt_allow_torrent_downloads), this can be done by clicking the link in the Torrent Download column that appears just after the Torrent Name column.

      NOTE: Your web browser might be configured to simply open torrent files by default, and you will never be asked if you want to save or open the torrent.

    If you were downloading the torrented files, you could choose any save location, however, because you are seeding the torrent, it is necessary for you to choose a specific location (and filename).

    Upon opening the torrent file, you will be prompted for a save location. If the torrent is for a single file, you will also be prompted for a filename.

    1. If you are torrenting a SINGLE FILE:
    2. — you should select that file on your hard drive when you are prompted for a save location and filename.

    3. If you are torrenting a SET OF FILES (FOLDER):
    4. — you should select the folder on your hard drive that contains the torrented files, when you are prompted for a save location.

    Your client will then begin to hash the file contents on your hard drive (checking existing data) and will compare it to the hash information stored in the torrent file. If everything matches, your client should report that the torrent is complete (Download Succeeded) and will then contact the tracker to announce this information.

    PLEASE NOTE: Some BitTorrent clients use color-coding to indicate the status of your torrent. Please do not be concerned if your torrent does not go green immediately. This will not happen until someone has started downloading the torrented files from you. This usually doesn't happen when you start seeding a torrent initially, because no one has had a chance to get the torrent file yet.

    Some Important Guidelines

    • Seed your torrent for as long as possible.
    • Seed your torrent until it is well seeded and has at least 2 other seeds (people who have finished downloading).
    • Check back often to make sure that your torrent isn't left with 0 seeds and reseed the torrent as necessary.

    The number of seeds and peers will be displayed in your tracker's table of torrents. If the tracker supports the scrape function, the number of seeds and peers can also be retrieved using TorrentSpy. BNBT EasyTracker is configured by default to support the scrape function.

    [ Download TorrentSpy ]

  3. Reseeding Your Torrent

    The procedure for reseeding your torrent is exactly the same as the initial seeding process.

  4. Seeding Torrents Tracked by Your Tracker

    Because your tracker will be running on your home computer, it may be necessary for you to configure your computer and your BitTorrent client further to be able use your own tracker for seeding and downloading torrented files on your tracker.

    TEST #1: Can you visit your tracker using your Internet IP Address?

    Make sure that your tracker is running and click the button below to open your tracker's website. This button will only work if you the port number is specified correctly.

    Enter your Internet IP Address here:

    NOTE: If the above value starts with 192.168, please replace it with your actual Internet IP Address.

    Enter your tracker's port number here:

    Did your tracker page load?   

    TEST #2: Is your Internet IP Address reported to the tracker properly?

    This test should only be done if you can currently answer YES to Test #1.

    1. Create a torrent that uses your tracker's Announce URL and upload the torrent to the tracker.
    2. Begin seeding the torrent.
    3. Open your tracker and click the Torrent Name to view the stats for your torrent.

    You should be listed as a seed in the peer table near the bottom.

    If the IP Address listed, starts with 192.168, you will need to configure your BitTorrent client to report your actual Internet IP Address. Please refer to the Appendix for help in making this configuration change.

    If the IP Address listed is your actual Internet IP Address, no further configuration is necessary.

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