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Tracker Logs

  1. Default Settings

    By default, BNBT EasyTracker disables the tracker log feature. Too many people have complained that the log files begin to take up too much of their available hard drive space, and have disabled it anyway.

    The tracker_logs folder (or tracker.logs) still gets created when you install BNBT EasyTracker, but nothing will to saved to the folder, unless you enable the logging features of the tracker.

    To enable tracker logs, you simply need to specify the log folder in your tracker's configuration:

    In 7.7r3.2004.07.15...

    bnbt_access_log_dir = tracker_logs
    bnbt_error_log_dir = tracker_logs

    In 7.7r3.2004.09.30...

    bnbt_access_log_dir = tracker.logs
    bnbt_error_log_dir = tracker.logs

    These values can also be specified on the Files/Directories tab of the tracker configuration frontend.

  2. Log and Filename Format
    1. Log Format — the tracker writes to the log files using the standardized W3C Extended Log Format. Because this format is used, you can usually download pre-built log analyzers to parse the data and produce informational pages.
    2. Filename Format — a new log file is created each day at midnight using yyyy-mm-dd.log for the access logs and yyyy-mm-dde.log for the error logs.

[ Table of Contents ]