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Removing and Transporting BNBT EasyTracker

  1. Removing BNBT EasyTracker

    There are basically 2 methods to uninstall BNBT EasyTracker:

    1. Use Add/Remove Programs in your Windows Control Panel
    2. Click the Uninstall EasyTracker shortcut found in your Windows Start Menu

    Please be sure to backup any files you do not want deleted.

    The uninstaller will leave behind any files that were not part of the original installation. If you no longer have need for these files, you can safely delete the entire BNBT EasyTracker folder after using the uninstaller.

  2. Transporting BNBT EasyTracker

    To transfer your tracker to another computer, you can safely copy the entire BNBT EasyTracker folder and its contents to another computer. The suggested method is to run the installer on the new computer and then overwrite the entire BNBT EasyTracker folder and its contents with your previous tracker's files. This will provide the installed shortcuts and required DLLs (for the frontend) on your new computer.

    PLEASE NOTE: The following folder/directory names were changed in version 7.7r3.2004.09.30:

    1. tracker_logs becomes tracker.logs
    2. torrents_deleted becomes torrents.deleted

[ Table of Contents ]