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How to Upload a Torrent File

  1. Is Uploading Required?

    By default, BNBT EasyTracker requires that users upload a torrent to the tracker using the File Uploader so that the torrent will be parsed and registered with the tracker. If your tracker is configured this way, and the torrent is not uploaded first, the BitTorrent client will report that the torrent is not registered with the tracker, when you begin to seed the torrent.

    The same error can occur if the tracker is not configured to parse the torrent when it is uploaded. If you have your tracker configured to parse the torrent directory on a cyclic interval, you will have to wait until the interval has cycled, before seeding your torrent.

    Your tracker can also be configured to not require torrent upload and registration. Please see the Public and Private Trackers topic in this documentation for more information.

    PLEASE NOTE: Uploading and registering a torrent is not the same as someone registering for a user account.

  2. BNBT Torrent Uploader

    To upload a torrent file, click the button found in the Navigation Bar of your tracker.

    NOTE: The upload button will be disabled if the user's permissions do not allow upload. It will also be disabled if the tracker is not taking uploads at this time.

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    1. Press the button.
    2. Find and select the torrent file you wish to upload. The file extension must be .torrent.
    3. OPTIONAL: Provide a descriptive name of the files you are torrenting in the Torrent Name form field. If this field is left blank, the name will be taken directly from the torrent filename.
    4. OPTIONAL: Provide a URL starting with http:// that will take the user to an informational page regarding this torrent. i.e. If you were torrenting an application installer, you could provide the URL for that software's homepage.
    5. NOTE: The Informational Link field will be disabled if you have configured your tracker to not allow the info link.

    6. Select the corresponding Category/Type Tag
    7. NOTE: If your tracker is not configured with any categories, the drop-down list will not exist.

    8. Press the button.
    9. For information regarding the displayed Announce URL on the File Uploader's page, please see the Announce URL topic found later in this documentation.

  3. Note: keep_dead

    The keep_dead configuration key specifies whether or not certain torrents should be displayed in your tracker's table of torrents. If this value is set to 0, torrents that have no seeds AND no peers will not be displayed. If your tracker is configured this way, torrents will not show up until after the uploader has begun seeding the torrent.

  4. Alternate File Uploader

    If you have access to a web server, you can also choose to create an alternative file uploader, such as one that uses a PHP script. You will need to make sure that the file is uploaded to your tracker's Allowed Directory, and that the tracker is configured to parse this directory on a cycling interval (bnbt_parse_allowed_interval).

    Please only attempt this, if you are confident in what you are doing.

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