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User Accounts and Access Levels

  1. Default Settings

    By default, BNBT EasyTracker is configured to allow Guests the following permissions:

    • Register For a User Account
    • Download Torrent Files

    By default, BNBT EasyTracker will assign the following permissions to users that register for an account:

    • Download Torrent Files
    • Post User Comments
    • Upload Torrent Files
    • PLEASE NOTE: By default, users that register and are logged in will not have the ability to register an additional account.

  2. Access Levels Explained

    The default access levels can be changed by modifying the following configuration keys in the tracker's configuration file BNBT.CFG:

    • bnbt_guest_access (default value = 3)
    • bnbt_member_access (default value = 15)

    Windows users can use the Configuration Frontend to modify these values. They can be found in Number Options are are called Guest and Member Access.

    These values use a bitfield to determine the level of access. To calculate a particular access level, add the bits for each permission together.

    bit    access level    user type   
    1 view basic
    2 download downloader
    4 comments poster
    8 upload uploader
    16 edit moderator
    32 admin administrator
    64 signup

    For Instance: If you wanted to allow registered users to ONLY download torrents and post comments, you would set the default member access level to 7 ( 1 + 2 + 4 ).

    PLEASE NOTE: If you modify the default member access level, AFTER users have already registered for an account, pre-exiting user permissions will NOT be affected. The change will only affect new user registrations. It is therefore important to set this value before your tracker becomes operational. Permissions, however, can always be modified on a per-user basis.

  3. Creating an Account Manually

    Alternatively, or in addition to users registering themselves, you can create user accounts manually.

    To create a user account, press the button in the Navigation Bar.

    Enter the user's username, password and email address into the corresponding form fields.

    Press the button that corresponds with the access level you wish to assign to the user or select specific permission checkboxes on the left.

    Press the button.

    PLEASE NOTE: Moderators have the ability to delete torrents and modify torrent information (name, uploader, infolink, category).

  4. Running a Tracker Without User Accounts

    NOTE: It is not possible to completely disable the user database for your tracker, because certain functions rely on there being at least one user with an administrative access level.

    If you wish, however, you can make it seem that your tracker does not support user accounts.

    To make it appear that your tracker does not support user accounts:

    1. Set the default Guest access level to allow everyone the same access. This value depends on what you want to allow.
    2. PLEASE NOTE: If you allow Guests to upload torrents, they will not be able to delete their own torrents.

    3. If you are using the Navigation Bar, you can disable/hide the Login button by adding the following code to your stylesheet:
    4. input.login { display:none; }
    5. If you are NOT using the Navigation Bar, you can disable/hide the you are logged in as and you are not logged in messages by adding the following code to your stylesheet:
    6. p.login1_x, p.login2_x { display:none; }

      ... where x is the name of the tracker page. You will need to specify the display style for each of them: index, login, stats, info, upload, admin, users.

      You should also get rid of any links to /login.html if you are NOT using the Navigation Bar.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you hide the login button or links to /login.html, you will need to manually enter the location of login.html for you to login and administer your tracker.

[ Table of Contents ]