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What is BNBT EasyTracker?

BNBT EasyTracker is a packaged BitTorrent Tracker Installer for Windows, the comes preconfigured with what is considered to be a default configuration and includes an easy-to-use frontend for modifying the tracker's configuration file. The concept for a pre-packaged tracker was originally conceived by Hyrle, the Master of Ceremonies at filesoup.com.

Its creation was intended to put the power of BitTorrent Trackers into the hands of regular users like you, creating a more decentralized network of small BitTorrent trackers, as opposed to relying on a handful of large trackers that were constantly going down.

BNBT, a C++ BitTorrent Tracker, was created by Trevor Hogan (aka Varlock), an individual that has my utmost respect and gratitude for all his hard work and support. BNBT is continuously being developed and improved. Its official source code and WIN32 executable can be downloaded at the BNBT Website and can also be compiled for most operating systems.

What does EasyTracker install?

The newest version of EasyTracker installs the following items:

  1. The Trinity Edition of BNBT — a modified version of BNBT, developed by Trinity of ZionMatrix.
  2. — The current installer uses version 7.7r3.2004.10.27

  3. an organized folder structure to contain the addition files used by the tracker.
  4. a default/suggested configuration, stylesheet, static header/footer documents, a set of tag filter images and other images used by the tracker
  5. a frontend (graphic user interface) to modify the tracker's configuration file, created by Deadhead
  6. the necessary dynamic linking libraries (DLLs) that are used by the frontend
  7. Start Menu (and Desktop) shortcuts for starting the tracker and accessing its configuration frontend
  8. Batch Process files (.bat) for installing, starting, stopping and uninstalling the tracker as a Windows System Service
  9. an uninstaller to remove the application (Add/Remove Programs)

What is the difference between BNBT EasyTracker and The Trinity Edition of BNBT?

The answer is simple; BNBT EasyTracker is a Installer for Windows ONLY. The Trinity Edition of BNBT (BNBT TrinEdit) is what gets installed by the installer, however, the souce code for BNBT TrinEdit can be downloaded and compiled for just about any operating system, much like the official BNBT source code.

Linux (and other Non-Windows) users can download the OS-Independent (OSI) source package, which contains all of the files installed by BNBT EasyTracker and the source code package to compile the tracker executable.

Windows users can download the WIN32 source package, which contains virtually the same files included with the OSI source package, plus a pre-compiled WIN32 tracker executable, if you do not want to use the automated installer.

What is the difference between The Trinity Tracker and The Trinity Edition of BNBT?

The Trinity Tracker is the name of tracker that I run; The Trinity Edition of BNBT is the name of the software that I developed and coincidentally use myself to run my tracker. It causes much confusion when people use these two titles interchangeably when asking support questions. Please do not make that mistake.

Can I use this software to replace my already existing tracker software?

If you are currently running a version of BNBT, you can use this software to replace your current tracker. It is suggested, however, that you DO NOT install BNBT EasyTracker over your current installation.

If you are running BNBT EasyTracker 7.7r3.2004.07.15, you can download the self-installing upgrade, which will update your tracker executable automatically and install some additional support files, such as the correct format progress bar images and an updated stylesheet.

If you are running a variant of BNBT (such as the Official Release or CBTT), you can use either the Windows installer or one of the source packages, and simply overwrite the default configuration files with the files from your currently running tracker or make the changes manually to the new configuration.

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